SAR NET I/S is a small Internet consulting and service company that provides a complete range of Internet services. Our services range from counseling individuals and companies about how to best use the Internet to handling all of the technical work for them and developing custom applications. SAR NET I/S thus allows its customers to spend their valuable time on what's central and important to them — doing business.

In addition to our technical services, SAR NET I/S also develops software products that are available to the public.

Webdesign & Webhost

We develope web applications and strive to follow the web standards. We use a variety of technologies like CSS, XML, JavaScript and PHP in our development.

Our motivation is developing web applications that are easy to use and intuitive. We do not use features just for using them.

We also offer webhosting. Contact us for further information.


Our contact information:

Rugmarken 34,
9670 Løgstør

Phone: +45 51 88 26 62
E-mail: info(at)sarnet(dot)dk